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Mockup of "It's not a phase, mom" candle.


The Spirit of Wicks began as a simple endeavor within a business class at Brigham Young University—Idaho. With the collective ambition of 19 driven students and the guidance of a seasoned faculty mentor deeply immersed in the business world, our journey commenced. Each student brought their unique expertise, passion, and determination to the table, fueling the inception of an innovative venture.


"The Spirit of Wicks" pays homage to the vibrant culture cultivated within the halls of BYU-Idaho. Originating as a playful nod to the renowned "Spirit of Ricks," a cherished phrase echoing the university's unique atmosphere, we embarked on a mission to create our culture and infuse our own brand with a spirit of joy, upliftment, and authenticity. Embracing the essence of community and lightheartedness, we set out to craft products that not only captivate aesthetically but also uplift with their warmth and charm.

Mockup of "Free Britney" and "Deadlift Daddy" candles standing on wood.
Photo of Karina and Dominick, owners of "The Spirit of Wicks"


In the midst of our collaborative group, one student envisioned a future beyond the confines of a classroom project. Recognizing the untapped potential within Wicks, and with the blessing of his peers, he embarked on a journey to transition our venture into the realm of entrepreneurship. With determination he and his wife took the reins. As we grow and touch more lives, our focus on innovation, quality, and community stays strong. The Spirit of Wicks invites you to embark on this journey with us. Discover our curated collection, crafted with passion and infused with the spirit of Wicks.

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