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Homestead Assisted Living Event

Updated: Apr 9

At the Spirit of Wicks, we take pride in making the community a better place through the light that we create. Last week, we had the great opportunity to help our friends at Homestead Assisted Living in Rexburg, Idaho.

As our first official candle making group event, we had the wonderful chance to teach residents at Homestead how to make candles and walk them through the process to create their own candles. It’s both an exciting and simple process, which made the event fun for everyone involved. Each individual got to choose their candles scent, sticker, and color. They were able to pour and stir each step of the way. Everyone was able to walk away from the event with a candle of their own.

As a company, we loved the opportunity to serve and help those around us. We are very grateful that we were given the chance to work with our friends at Homestead. We look forward to our future events and making the process as streamlined and fun as we can!

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1 Comment

Christy Tayler
Christy Tayler
Nov 17, 2021

That is such an uplifting and amazing story! It's wonderful to see people reaching out to the older generation who have given so much of themselves to helping building our communities in the past.

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