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The Last Day, But a New Beginning

After 3 months of building a new company from the ground up, we have arrived at our last day that the Spirit of Wicks will open as an IBC company. We have striven to accomplished our mission to give people a sense of belonging and to be a light in the world. We are grateful for all of our customers that we had the privilege to serve this semester. BYU-Idaho students and faculty, our partners and our online customers. Your smiles and laughs is what helped us get through the semester. We truly appreciate all of you and the light you have brought into our lives.

Even though this will be the last day as an IBC company, this will not be the end. The Spirit of Wicks will live on and the website will be open again in January 2022. We are excited to continue serving the people of the Rexburg and eastern Idaho. Together, will continue with our mission to make our pocket of the world a little brighter!

Sincerely, The Spirit of Wicks family

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