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Water Zodiac Signs

Water Zodiac Signs


Scent: Ocean Deep


Playlist: Call Me Cancer, Sacred Scorpio, Powerful Pisces


Immerse yourself in the mystical depths of the water element with our captivating zodiac candles: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Dive into the enchanting aroma of "Ocean Deep," a harmonious blend of salty oceanic accords, dark musk, and sandalwood, evoking the essence of the sea. Each candle is accompanied by a carefully curated playlist that resonates with the unique traits of its corresponding zodiac sign.


For the nurturing and intuitive Cancer, let "Call Me Cancer" surround you with its soothing embrace, invoking a sense of emotional connection and compassion. The playlist reflects the tender and sentimental nature of Cancer, harmonizing with the gentle rhythm of the ocean waves.


For the intense and transformative Scorpio, embrace the power of "Sacred Scorpio." This candle casts a mysterious aura, intertwining the depths of your emotions with the enigmatic qualities of the sea. The playlist mirrors the passionate and introspective spirit of Scorpio, guiding you through a transformative journey.


For the imaginative and dreamy Pisces, submerge yourself in the depths of "Powerful Pisces." This candle immerses you in a realm of fantasy and intuition, where the boundaries between reality and dreams blur, reminiscent of the gentle caress of sea mist on a moonlit shore.. The playlist resonates with the ethereal and artistic nature of Pisces, taking you on a voyage of imagination.


Embark on a sensory journey that mirrors the vastness and complexity of the water element with the Ocean Deep collection. Let the scent and sound merge to create a tranquil sanctuary, connecting you with the essence of your zodiac sign and the profound depths of the ocean.

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